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TOPDOC Marketing is the in-house marketing, SEO, and design department for small and mid-sized medical practices. We help physicians retain their independence by offering marketing applications once only available to the large hospital systems.

Founded in 2017, TopDoc Marketing was conceived with the goal of helping healthcare providers grow their medical practices through physician referrals, SEO, and web design.

Our Story

The economics of healthcare is evolving. Doctors are challenged more now than ever with the task of continuing to provide top notch patient care while fighting to increase or even maintain profit margins with decreasing reimbursements and rising expenses. To stay independent, private practitioners must adapt to this new competitive, patient experience focused market.

Many practices don't have the dedicated resources, tools, and time it takes to build a comprehensive marketing solution and build physician referrals to help grow their business. TopDoc provides custom tailored growth-focused marketing, design, and SEO programs to small and mid-sized medical practices that accelerate new patient growth and physician referrals with minimal expense.

Unlike other medical practice marketing agencies, TopDoc was created to offer a more personal, hands-on solution, essentially becoming a physician's “in-house” marketing department. Power in numbers – by representing a large number of “small” medical practices, our clients gain access to “big pharma” data analytics, marketing automation, discounted printing and advertising, and sales strategy.

Our Leadership

Shane Wallmann

Founder & President

TopDoc is the result of Shane’s vision to provide effective, affordable medical practice marketing solutions such as SEO and design that can transform medical practices into competition crushers. From the beginning, Shane’s dedication and leadership has provided the driving force behind his desire to create unprecedented growth for the healthcare providers he works with.


As Founder & President of TopDoc, Shane manages all aspects of strategy, sales and business development. Prior to starting TopDoc, Shane served as the Director of Marketing for Garden State Medical Center, a mid-sized multi-specialty practice, where his marketing and sales strategies were instrumental in growing the practice over 500% in under 7 years.


Co-founder & Mascot

Riley is a 4 year old bernese mountain dog. At TopDoc, she serves as company mascot and director of Human Resources. Riley was instrumental in the founding TopDoc and continues to play a vital role in its new business development.


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May, 2017

Agency started by healthcare marketing enthusiast Shane Wallmann

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